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Systemic Neuroscience Masterclass

Everything is Possible (with the Brain as the point of departure)

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”

-Marcus Aurelius-

Do you want to be able to address issues in a resourceful way right from the start?

Do you want to overcome patterns that make you self-sabotage?

Do you want to have a brain-friendly approach to deal with change, stress and the demands of life and business?

The Key Lies In Brain Awareness

The brain is all about saving energy, protecting and keeping us alive.
Everything starts with the brain which is why realizing that our unwanted behaviours and thoughts are driven by an automatic brain that’s trying to protect us. The brain may very well be acting on erroneous or unresourceful input.
We all have busy lives and more often than not, we live our lives the way we think we are expected to.
The roles we ‘play’ are often determined by others and external circumstances.
We accept them without questioning if this is really what we want.

Our question is:

Is this truly the way you want things to be?

Do you want things to change and start directing your life yourself?

Picture this:

• How would it feel if you have a life that feels good from within?

• What needs to come through for you to thrive on your own terms?

• What would you do differently if you knew that everything is possible?

We believe that every one of us can achieve his or her set goals. In fact, we KNOW everything is possible.

Without getting stuck and it is easier than you think.

With this knowledge in mind, we created this Unique Masterclass.

To help you to break with your hidden obstacles, tap into your strengths and to design the life you want.

Free of unnecessary ballast weighing you down:

Our Powerful Formula:

We, Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout, both certified, experienced coaches and neuro agility trainers created this FULL DAY unique Masterclass as the missing link to achieving your goals.
We combined Systemic and Neuroscience Coaching, both rooted in science, evidence-based and proven as very brain-friendly, effective approaches.

With this powerful formula we take you on a journey from dream to reality with actionable steps and a plan you can use easily and at any time you want.


What you and each participant will walk away with from masterclass is how to confidently and, in a brain-friendly manner become aware of what may trigger you to react in unresourceful ways, and how it can become much easier to be in control of your life and your relationships instead of them controlling you.


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Enjoy this exciting journey of learning how to get the most out of your Brain!