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NAP™ Student Performer for Students

The NAP™ Student Performer is a development tool for students who are studying further, to understand their unique potential, accelerate their learning, improve their learning results and reduce mistakes and errors.

The Purpose of the NAP™ Student Performer is to:

Who will benefit from the NAP™ Student Performer assessment?

Students between the ages 16-24 years who are studying further

What is the NAP™ Student Performer used for?

Potential identification

Reduce risk for mistakes and human error

Mental agility improvement

Improve brain health and wellness

Learning skills optimization

Improve learning results

Brain fitness optimization

Accelerate learning and thinking

Elements evaluated in the NAP™ Student Performer

The NAP Student Performer measures 13 brain-mind elements that influence the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information

7 Brain-Mind Elements of Your Neurological Design:

6 Drivers that Optimize Brain Performance

180 easy online questions (30-45 minutes to complete)
Automated debriefing video
Group report if needed
29-page online report illustrating 13 elements of neuro-agility and offering suggestions to optimize your neuro-agility
Post-evaluation 6-12 months later
Translated into various languages

Benefits for Students

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