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Are you an in-house learning and development (L&D) professional, HR executives, manager, educator wanting to offer new learning, thinking and make more of a difference with your learning, training, coaching, team, leadership and personal development initiatives?

Or are you an entrepreneurial consultant, trainer, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, or professional coach who wants to provide leading edge content and improve your business model?

Are you focused on improving individual, team, or organisational performance? 

Become a Licensed Neuro Agility Practitioner

 Strengthen your impact. Expand your portfolio. Broaden your Expertise

The Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Neuro Agility Practitioner:


Your accreditation programme consists of the following 10 steps:

Become a Licensed Neuro Agility Practitioner

1. Complete your own Neuro-agility brain profile™

2. Interactive zoom webinar one (90 minutes): Welcome introduction, getting to know each other, an introduction to Neuro-agility and explanation of how to get the most out of the accreditation learning process

3. Self-study, online video learning

4. Interactive zoom webinar two (90 minutes): Understanding the brain and exploring the flexibility of 7 factors of a person’s neurological design

5. Self-study continuation of online video learning

6. Interactive zoom webinar three (90 minutes): Knowing how to boost the 6 drivers of brain performance

7. Self-study continuation of online video learning

8. Interactive Zoom webinar 4 (90 minutes): Interactive practise session de-briefing a variety of Neuro-agility profiles, opportunity to explore marketing and any outstanding questions

9. Self-study and confirmation of learning assignment

10. Membership of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group’s Neuro-agility Practitioner’s community for continuing professional development

After completion of the training programme, as a practitioner you will be able to:

Identify neurological & learning hindrances.

Reduce risk of human error in various working environments

Accurately assess and debrief people’s neurological design & learning potential to help optimize their performance

Measure, enhance brain performance and optimize and improve brain health.

Debrief teams on what the team profile and character looks like and the unique contribution each team member can make in the team.

Help people align who they are with their job functions and career choices 

Accelerate people’s learning results

Facilitate Neuro-agility masterclasses within organisations.

Use Neuro-Link’s assessments as a revenue stream to generate income.

The accreditation certifies coaches, HR, talent, L&D and performance improvement

professionals to assess and debrief people and teams on their unique neurological design

(potential) and the drivers that optimise their brain performance and brain health.

 Contact us today to learn more about the Neuro Agility Practitioner Training and how it can serve you, your team and organisation.

Gain and maintain your competitive advantage in the fast-paced world we operate in and confidently develop agile people, teams, and organizations.  

 Join an international network of Neuro-agility experts and make an impact!

Dates for our Accreditation Programme and How to Book

For details and dates of our accreditations and to make a booking, please contact us on

* The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, is the authorized Regional Corporate Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe and Sole Provider & Practitioner Trainer for both the Neuro Agility Profile (NAP™) and the brain-based online 360° EI Assessment plus Programs in the Benelux and Germany. 

DISCLAIMER: The techniques and activities suggested in our profiles are for educational, training, and/or self-development purposes. The author/owner does not directly or indirectly present any part of the profiles as diagnosis or as a prescription for any ailment for any person. People using the techniques, information and activities reported herein, do so for education, training or self-development purposes


The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group is the Regional Corporate Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe. Sole Provider of the Neuro Agility Profile (NAP™) and Brain-Based 360° EI Profile and High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program

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