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Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group is the authorized Regional Corporate partner and representative of Neuro-Link Company for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. Our team facilitates training in neuro agility, sales agility, emotional intelligence, peak performance and leadership development to professionals in various fields, including business consultants who want to obtain their certifications to conduct business with our unique neuroscience assessments and learning solutions.

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We are Omozua Ameze Isiramen and Karen van Hout, founders of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, peak-performance and Neuro Agility consultants who are truly passionate about helping individuals, sales professionals, business consultants and leadership development specialists master the greatest asset humans possess: The Brain
Our mission is to be your development partner as you build the agility, resilience, flexibility needed for productive engagement and success.

We created the 3-to-5 BrainSystem Code for this very reason.

The approach we adopt at the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting is influenced by science, low on beating around the bush, free of ways that do not contribute to sustainable change and a hundred percent focused on helping you and your teams achieve a predictable transformation with superior results by maximizing potential and performance.

When we work with you, we always start with the end in mind to ensure your success as CEO of Your Brain, Life and Business

Omozua Ameze Isiramen is the Founder & NeuroCoach at CWO Solutions (Coaching With Omozua): Neuroscience Transformation and Peak Performance Specialist
Partner & Lead Master Trainer for NAP™ and High Achiever Emotional Intelligence™ Practitioners at the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, Neuro-Link’s Regional Corporate Business Partner.
Omozua  provides sales professionals, business consultants, professionals and leaders with a comprehensive methodology to decode their own unique brain signatures so they can elevate their personal and professional lives in all areas by attaining neuro agility, emotional literacy and intelligence.
She has spent over twenty years achieving specialisation in neuro-agility, emotional mastery and actionable resilience to empower professionals, business owners and leaders to reach the next level of success. She has successfully completed two ICF accredited training programs and is a member of EMCC Luxembourg. Omozua fuses her deep understanding of neuroscience with a burning passion for leadership and personal development to help individuals modify their unique inner formula and push through limitations for overall success.
Karen van Hout is the Director and Founder of OF WOOD: Partner of SNCG, Neuro-Link’s Regional Corporate Business Partner in the Benelux and Germany.

Karen is Lead Master Trainer for the NAP™ and High Achiever Emotional Intelligence™ programs.

Her drive lies in leveraging the power of the brain by helping others optimize their brains and that of those they work with Innovative Neuroscience-Based Solutions. With over twenty years of working experience in operational, therapeutic, coaching, and managerial roles in the healthcare and financial sectors she works with international teams, leaders and corporates to guide their talents to gain more clarity, productivity, passion, and presence. (Member of ICF and EMCC Luxembourg) Karen is also the founder of Ambulanz Wonsch asbl that is on a mission to give people who are in end-of-life care and bedridden, the resources, specialist transport and medical care they need to make memories and fulfil their final wish.
Ambulanz Wonsch Website,

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Our integrated approach which blends two highly effective and evidence-based approaches:

Systemic and Neuroscience Coaching and Consulting is influenced by science, low on beating around the bush, free of ways that do not allow for sustainable change and a hundred percent focus on helping you and your teams achieve a predictable transformation with superior results by maximizing potential and performance.

Omozua Ameze Isiramen

Coaching 21st Century Individuals and Teams to be CEOs of Their Brains and Life.

Regional Corporate Partner and Sole provider:
The Neuro Agility Profile™ Assessments
The 360° 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ Assessments
Brain-Based Online Emotional Intelligence Program™
Providing Accredited Neuro-Agility and EI Practitioner Training

Karen van Hout

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