Systemic Neuroscience


What did you learn?

We have the key to overcome our issues within us.
– I can walk through my brain to obtain answers, ways to find solutions on my own.
– How to determine a goal and make concrete steps in a good direction and maintain one’s mindset at the same       time.
– Accept that sometimes it is what it is, and understand I am part of a system, a bigger picture.
– How the brain works.
– Got clarity on what I should do when I come across an obstacle.

What do you think of the trainers?

– Great. Very knowledgeable, very approachable. Non-judgmental which allows one to embrace the safe training space.
– Dynamic, empathetic, knowledgeable. Both Karen and Omozua know how to make you feel comfortable and let your guards down and get out of one’s head – This systemic neuroscience breakthrough session is what you want.
– Fantastic, insightful, full of tips, great helpers in finding my way through the whole amount of things I need to deal with, no judging, always have an answer to questions, constructive approach.

What do you think of the content?

Very good. Made me want to know more about the systemic approach, constellations and how understanding the workings of the brain can help every person step into personal power to face life.
– So much information and value were given to the group. A lot to take in in one day. It was very helpful to have a pre-meeting before the masterclass itself. Nice to be in a small group. 
– The Brainwalk was an amazing experience and eye-opener.
– The teaching we got was really interesting and helpful. Easy to rely on, easy to understand. 

How has the ‘Everything is Possible’ Masterclass impacted the way you now approach things?

– I feel calmer, less stressed.
– It helped me put things in perspective.
– It has given me some peace of mind and put things in perspective.
– I think about my amygdala or as the trainers referred to it – the inner-mind Chihuahua regularly – it is how it is, but that does not stop me in my tracks as I understand I am the master of my outcomes.

How has the masterclass brought you closer to reaching your goals?
– Gave some clarity and direction to greater peace of mind
– It has given me the tools to make these first minor steps. Create visibility.
– I achieved progress, through a little but powerful tool and can now create goals and take actions for good results!



The Brainwalk – What did it help you achieve?
– My obstacles became very clear and now I know how to tackle them.
– I faced and heard that little nagging repeating voice and now know how to deal with that
– I immediately felt the result of my action and this gave me confidence
– I see where I am going and know exactly what to do next for myself and team
– This was very insightful, I now know what it means to operate with head and heart.
– The Brainwalk was an amazing experience and eye-opener which shows one that everything is possible when you know how to get clarity and channel fear to move forward


* The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, is the authorized Regional Corporate Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe and Sole Provider & Practitioner Trainer for both the Neuro Agility Profile (NAP™) and the brain-based online 360° EI Assessment plus Programs in the Benelux and Germany. 

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The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group is the Regional Corporate Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe. Sole Provider of the Neuro Agility Profile (NAP™) and Brain-Based 360° EI Profile and High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program

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