Systemic Neuroscience

We are Karen van Hout and Omozua Ameze Isiramen, Coaches, Neuro-Agility Practitioners, Systemic Neuroscience trainers and high-performance consultants, and are truly passionate about helping individuals and corporations master the greatest asset humans possess: The Brain

Our mission is to be your development partner as you build the resilience, flexibility needed for productive engagement and leverage on science-based, timeless strategies and techniques to achieve long-term and resourcefully positive shifts and growth.

Our integrated approach which blends two highly effective and evidence-based approaches:

Systemic and Neuroscience Coaching and Consulting is influenced by science, low on beating around the bush, free of ways that do not allow for sustainable change and a hundred percent focus on helping you and your teams achieve a predictable transformation with superior results by maximizing potential and performance.

When we work with you, we always start with the end in mind to ensure your success as CEO of Your Brain. 

Omozua Ameze Isiramen is the Founder & NeuroLeadership Coach at CWO Solutions:  The High-Performance Brain Trainer and NeuroCoach.

She has successfully completed two ICF accredited training programs, and is an Executive and Certified Life, Emotional Mastery and John Mattone NeuroLeadership Coach, EQ Consultant and Brain Trainer. She has an educational, managerial, training background and work experience from collaboration with experts from different industries and financial fields. Omozua works with executives, corporate professionals, (aspiring) leaders and entrepreneurs.

Karen van Hout is the Director and Founder of OF WOOD Sarls: The Systemic & Neuro Agility Trainer

She is a Multi-Certified Systemic Neuro-Agility Trainer, Counsellor and Coach  (Member of ICF and EMCC Luxembourg) with working experience in operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in the healthcare and financial sectors. Karen works with international teams and corporates to guide their talents to gain more clarity, productivity, passion and presence. 

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