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Do you want to improve your agility to relearn, unlearn, multi-skill, think fast and with ease and have the mental flexibility to adapt to disruptive change?

Do you want to identify the potential and talents of your employees accurately?

Do you want to improve the impact of your people management practices and programmes?

Do you want to develop the mental agility and optimize the brain performance of your human capital?

neuro agility profile
    • “A company’s ability to learn faster than its competitors may be its only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.”

    • ~Former CEO of Shell Oil Company, Arie de Geus~ 

Neuro-agility is the ability to think, learn and process information with ease, speed and flexibility and it helps people to adapt, adjust, learn new skills quickly, unlearn unwanted behaviour fast, be flexible in moving across ideas and understandings in such a way that they are able to maximize the potential learning value of a given experience.

Your agility is one of the most sustainable ingredients needed in the future, to safeguard organisations’ and people’s future progress

Performance improvement cannot start at any other place than getting the most out of your brain.

Performance improvement cannot start at any other place than getting the most out of your brain.

The Neuro Agility Profile™ provides a holistic picture of your brain performance and neurological design. With a specific focus on cultivating high-performance and mental agility, it recommends solutions and behaviours that are proven to increase the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. 

The neuro-agility framework consists of 6 drivers that optimize your brain performance and 7 neurophysiological components of your neurological design that will maximize the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. 

This self-assessment reliably determines how the neuro-agility elements are cultivated in any given individual or group. Based on these results, the NAP™ then provides actionable recommendations and solutions to increase your brain performance and cognitive flexibility.

                                             “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”

The profile addresses gaps in developing agile employees & leaders. It is the most comprehensive, accurate & reliable assessment of its kind.

The Benefits of Applying Neuro Agility Profile Assessments with Your Employees and Within Your Organization

  • Talent selection – recruiters will be supported in the selection of the right candidates for the appropriate position, increasing workplace effectiveness and engagement. This is especially important for organisations that experience disruptive change and where the ability to learn and adapt quickly is a vital necessity.
  • Leadership development – based on an accurate understanding of their neurological design, leaders and managers will have a clearer understanding of how uniquely they deal with change, solve complex problems, think, learn, serve, influence, and motivate by example.
  • Emotional Intelligence development – employees will have a predictive analysis that will help them improve accurate awareness of their neurological design by improving their self-awareness, self-regulation, and how they relate to others.
  • Employee engagement – workers will be able to engage more effectively in the workplace when they have an accurate understanding of who they are, how and where they best fit in and how they can impact the most. This contributes to reducing the levels of attrition and absenteeism in your organisation.
  • Performance improvement – HR professionals and managers will be able to support the employees to improve their overall performance, helping people work faster and smarter and being more productive and effective by using approaches that promote brain fitness.
  • Stress management & Workplace wellness – increasing workplace wellness and brain health will help the workforce to reduce fatigue and stress, improve performance and promote happiness and wellbeing culture in the organisation.
  • Risk of human error – health and safety practitioners will be able to identify people’s risk for human error and minimise it, helping companies to reduce job-related incidents.
  • Learning culture – helping companies improve their workforces’ ability to learn faster and easier as is required to have sustainable advantages for the future work.

NAP™ Toolbox (ages 10-16)

The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Toolbox, abbreviated as the NAP™ Toolbox is Neuro-Link’s flagship brain profile assessment for children (ages 10-16), who are still at school or studying further.

NAP™ Advanced + (Adults)  

The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Advanced+, abbreviated as the NAP™ Advanced+ is Neuro-Link’s flagship and most comprehensive brain profile assessment for adults, managers and leaders. 

NAP™ Student Performer (ages 16+)

The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Student Performer, abbreviated as the NAP™ Student Performer is Neuro-Link’s flagship brain profile assessment for any adult college or university student who is still studying further.


The purpose of the brain profile assessments is to help

  • individuals optimize the ease, speed, and flexibility with which they think, learn and process information
  • you identify your unique potential, understand yourself and others better, manage yourself more effectively in any given situation
  • you discover how uniquely you process information and respond to daily demands
  • identify which strengths and preferences you have when learning and thinking
  • individuals and team members identify areas for further development.
  • The NAP™ assessments provide essential information to companies who are interested in developing agile people, teams, and organizations.

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Gain and maintain your competitive advantage in the fast-paced world we operate in and confidently develop agile people, teams, and organizations.  

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